Engage your audience in a powerful story.  As one of HDI's Top 25 Industry Thought Leaders, you'll find Simone's unique ability creates an emotional bond between the subject and the audience like the storytellers of old.


Adapting to your theme, topic or using one of her own, an atmosphere is created that will delight the senses and impart the depth of the message.


Whether as Keynote Speaker, Conference MC, Panel moderator or participant, Simone works closely with the event organiser to:

  • Identify specific themes or people to form the key presentation messages

  • Review related latest industry research

  • Tailor presentation content to your audience

  • Review logistics to ensure a smooth presentation delivery

  • Coordinate marketing efforts through Simone's network to increase promotion & exposure of the event.

Simone is based in and travels from South-West France and is available to speak world-wide. You can view her engagement's here.


New, updated or refreshed content, we write behind the scenes as ghost authorship or with recognised atttribution for a variety of purposes, subject matter and industry.

In a short discussion, we get to the heart of what knowledge you want to share and begin the creative, collaborative process taking you through to publication internally or externally.

  • website content

  • blogs

  • marketing

  • communications

  • webinars

  • conference presentations

  • case studies

  • whitepapers

  • policy and process documents

  • courseware syllabus, modules, exercises and exam questions

  • and more!




"Best one yet. Great tips and techniques for the people manager that I am"

"High energy speaker. Always worth listening to!"

"I have a whole page of "stuff!". MET EXPECTATIONS: Exceeded!"

"Just what I expected, needed and more! "

Anonymous Conference Feedback

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