The Approach

As a business and technology mixologist, my approach is to help you create the right blend of frameworks and practices to achieve your outcomes, no matter what type of change you may be facing or where you find yourself in your journey. 

As a business individual or professional team, we need the right environment and guidance to reconnect and stay with our core values; to unlock and bring our whole self to achieving goals.  

Experience the freedom to be in the moment. Every day brings new choices and a new world of possibilities. It's not just about who you are, but who you want to become. 

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Guiding Principles

An organisation's philosophy guides its vision and is at the heart of sustaining and growing throughout its life, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies or type of work. Principles are inherent in creating the culture in which everyone understands what is important and establishes the compass for expected behaviour and decision-making.

No matter what industry, what method, what framework used, over the years, I’ve found it comes back to integrating four core principles.

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People Connected

A human's centre of gravity can change. Wherever the balance is skewed, it's important to provide the ability to build resilience and find equilibrium so our people can move with the ebb and flow, recognise and participate in change as a natural occurrence.


With so many ways in which people connect, explore the culture, human interaction behaviours, communication methods and the environment. Create deep functional expertise and success that flows through the individual, team and organisation level.


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Knowledge Shared

Knowledge is a natural byproduct of people being connected and the lifeblood of any organisation. In helping the business engage fully with their knowledge and build collaboration, we increase capability and bottom line success through strategic Knowledge Management (KM) focus and operational viability with approaches like Knowledge Centred Services (KCS) and Intelligent Swarming.


Give decisions the best chance of successful outcomes. Emulate a knowledge management culture across the organisation to benefit from accurate, interesting and relevant business learning.

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Possibilities Discovered

In a continuous and evolving environment we need curiosity and exploration. From a birds-eye vantage to diving into the potholes and canyons you'll have a better view of how your business vision and mission is succeeding.


Allowing a psychological safe space and safe to fail experimentation, you jumpstart people’s thinking and evolution in behaviour and actions at any level. The opportunity for optimisation and transformation.

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Potential Realised

Quite often people look to external solutions when the capability already exists within them, they just need someone to help them see it and use it. Then, where there is a gap with the capability and the goals set to achieve, there are creative and intelligent solutions across the frameworks.

This is where mixology can help you understand and integrate them to have the ‘next way’ and better way of working embedded within the day-to-day culture of your teams. And the advantage of an updated jump point to your future.

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