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Working it out is what workshops do!

  • Are you looking to accelerate innovation, reveal insights and tap into the potential of what exists within your organisation? 

  • Do you have a need to discover and foster new ways of working, adapting and being resilient in complexity?

  • Do you want to inspire teams in your organisation to embrace emotional agility and enable smooth flowing performance in uncertainty?

Growth mindsets & competency transformation

Interactive and fun, our workshops are productive and memorable. Stimulating and exploring your team's abilities, helping your organisation and team solve issues through critical thinking and creative exercises from a variety of arenas, industry and frameworks.

Whether an existing workshop or you'd like bespoke sessions designed for your specific issues and environment, they are an experience that helps the brain and the heart retain what it needs to be more enabled and responsive to what is happening. Available in half-day increments and includes virtual workshop guide and materials.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path!

From C-Level  through to the Front Line, be part of an 
eye-opening experience.

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“Collaboration creates conversations, creating better communication,
creating wider transparency and deeper trust.”

Simone Jo Moore

Image by Austin Distel


These topics are work both as presentations and workshops and are not all inclusive to the many that are available. If you have a topic not listed, please contact me and we can have a free discovery session.


The topics continue to evolve, based on the latest research, contexts, practices and people involved. As frameworks and approaches shift, so do we!  

All contain a focus on how we adapt and 'humanise IT'.

  • Being Emotional - An Intelligent Choice

  • Building an Emotional Culture

  • Communication Waves - The Human Process

  • Corporate Creativity - Solve, Expand & inspire

  • Living in Ebb & Flow - An Art & a Science

  • Machine Humanity - Dangerous or Misunderstood?

  • The Neurographic Connection - Creative Transformation of Thinking

  • Relationship Agility - Becoming Adaptive & Innovative​

  • Relationship Nexus - Adapting in entanglement 

  • Value Flows where Empathy Shows

  • VoiceWorks - The sound of customer engagement

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