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My thanks to you for the recognition and my mum's for making my career report card get a potential A+.


The Community Award acknowledges the leaders who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their community engagement and leadership, but motivates all aspiring leaders to live by the network's values to the highest standards.

How it happened...


I've often joked as an independent, self-employed woman in IT, it's the comments I receive from my industry colleagues and clients that form my report card I dutifully send to my mum! Yes, even after 30+ years, I still send them to her because she and dad (now gone) worked so hard, gave so much of themselves (time, effort, money and most of all love, understanding and a good foundation of resilience) for me to be the first university graduate in my family! 


Now I have the honour of being a nominee for the WomenTech Network community award by Katherine Ann Byam. Someone I have never met in person yet through our interactions have expanded each others knowledge and minds. It makes sense. Since I'm self-employed, the work in the background I do to help others succeed is not something that is usually seen or known. It feels very special to have someone notice this. 

Reflection Through Broken Glass
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Being human in a high tech world means learning to thrive in a dynamic context. It's about moving beyond how technology has defined us and harnessing it in order to become and live as who we want to be. Simone Jo Moore is here to guide you on your digital journey in adapting and Humanising IT. Helping you find your unique cocktail of sustainable change through blending business and technology approaches and frameworks.

Humanising IT

Flourishing Humans - Exceptional Experiences

Changes in the skyline of an organisation reflect the changes in its business culture and society context. At the heart of this is the understanding that the changes in our culture are a reflection of the changes within our people. 


As our world changes, so do we, as people, continue to adapt and build resilience. We need to be and remain fluid in the way we approach change beyond digital transformation. If you're looking for an injection of new life, reshape your skyline and be ready to confidently bounce forward from one change to the next, let's explore it together.

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Explore with Simone

A discovery session is to learn your why, connecting with your needs and the first step to understanding what we are able to create together.

Curiosity is one of our greatest assets when it comes to understanding and moving forward on a journey - be it for you as an individual or for your organisation.

You can learn more about me here.

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