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Broadcast & Film

Storytelling in Documentary Series, Short Films, Educational Videos, Webinars & Podcasts

Behind or in front of the camera 

Helping someone bring their idea into reality is not to be taken lightly and always approached with curiosity, joy and a sense of adventure. After all, you are nurturing something precious and ensuring it develops and grow, is a journey. In this you'll find my work as a storyteller involves understanding the pace, rhythm and tension of the subject, high visual awareness and superb collaboration and communication skill in working with those involved.   

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Creative Direction & Delivery

When I think about my place in the story, it’s very simple - it’s immensely satisfying to my artistry as well as my personal and professional values.


When you're part of a team who is as engaged in the storyline as you are, the magic truly happens.


It’s the magic of making a difference in a small way by bringing a piece of the universe of innovators, thought leaders, consultants and practitioners to the world.

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Film - Editorial Director

As a Top 25 Industry Thought Leader, my involvement often begins from concept planning and moves onto writing themes, storyboarding, scripts/ interview questions and planning of shooting schedules as part of the film crew including the harmonious relationship management with the talent. During filming and in post production, crafting the filmed segments with the Film Director to ensure consistent quality, cutting the segments to create a captivating narrative and liaising with the production crew for visuals, music and often providing my own voice-over commentary. Finally, being involved in the releasing planning and any live events to promote the films and videos. 

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Blended Learning & eLearning Videos

With a strong background in presentation, training and development, I create a human connection for the student experience so they can identify with the subject and engage with the content. Collaborating with your instructional design team, I write scripts, provide content quality feedback and be the face and voice for introduction/welcome and module videos. 


As a subject matter expert and practitioner, my industry knowledge is shared alongside the content. Whether a particular case study or my own 'war stories', or as a guest lecturer, it's the ability to explain and expand on particular points in context of the subject. Most of all, it's bringing the human side where you can lean in to the years of curiosity and passion for my areas of expertise.

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Hosting, Co-Hosting, Interviewer, Panel MC

As a host I'm here to facilitate an experience and take the audience on a journey. Make you feel welcome, entertained and have a connection with the subject. Giving a space where a conversation can be nurtured and widened. 

The Show

The DocuSeries

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Once upon a time there were four friends, each a professional in their own right. Each with a burning passion for exploring topics, learning and sharing their knowledge and experience with each other. 

It began as a conversation. It became a broadcast.


KTLO - Keeping the Learning On covers a wide array of subject matter all focussed on how we help people on their journey in this world.

Meet my cohorts:

Roy Atkinson | Patti BlackstaffeGreg Sanker

The Trailers

Watch all four Seasons here

Watch here

Freshworks Productions in collaboration with

Film Partner, DevilBoy Productions 

"Passionate and articulate - breaking down complex concepts. Captivating, fluent in the topic as only a true expert can be."


“Simone shows that observable human behaviour is just a tip of the iceberg, and below the surface is the complex yet fascinating world of emotions, attitudes and features that influence how we work, cooperate and react.”

"‘As an ITIL trainer, I’ve reviewed numerous contents and videos, but the one with Simone, really stood out for me and my class. We were learning ITIL 4 Foundation teamwork, and her ability to summarise the framework, and also mention the compatibility with other frameworks, simple and really insightful. It was exactly what we needed in our class." Rina Brahmbhatt - Barot,Senior Program Manager - ITSM - ServiceNow

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Film Partner

I'm very happy to collaborate with your own media film and production crew but if you need one then I highly recommend the professional services of DevilBoy Productions.

I’ve learnt a great deal in working with Film maker and Creative Director, Nigel Camp of DevilBoy Productions and Lindsey S, film maker. Both creative geniuses with a desire and passion for delivering films with impact.

Film Partner
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