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The Services

Stay tuned to what's happening in your world in the now, adjust your thinking where need be and know that your leadership (with or without the title) Makes a Difference!

Connecting humans with purpose

Business results through human centric advantage. This is where experience minded and purpose driven organisations are able to expand minds and capability. The Services are here to guide and support you. 

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Being innovative often means interpreting the old in new ways. Create a culture that makes your strategic vision a reality. I help you navigate the astounding matrix of theories, practices and organisation types, work with a diverse range of personalities and support you through your journey. ​It's incorporating a strategic level of knowledge management increasing your viability and thrive-ability.

Working with globally recognised and emerging frameworks, practices and partners, I provide a depth of capability, advice, guidance and consulting needs across the whole organisation. 

Facilitator & Certified Trainer

Competency transformation and maintaining skillset is a strategic initiative and critical if you wish to ensure the capability of your team and ultimate success of the organisation. 


Travelling globally, either face-to-face or virtually, Simone is a highly sort-after trainer that combines her sense of humour and passion for the subject with real-world practice enabling theory to be translated into a cross-industry, cross-country, cross-culture student experience.

Simone is a certified instructor for a number of industry frameworks/certifications and facilitates her own and partner workshops.

The courses and workshops include portfolios such as Artificial Intelligence, BRM, Business Simulations, DevOps, Emotional Intelligence/Agility, HR, HumanisingIT, KCS, ITIL, OCM, SDI, veriSM, Wellbeing & Mental Health programs. 

Speaker, Writer, Broadcaster

Engage your audience in a powerful story. With strong storytelling ability, I create an emotional bond between the subject and the audience. It's about imparting the depth of the message and knowledge in a memorable way, including through broadcasting and film. 


Whether a keynote, general presentation session or authoring books, white papers, case studies or blogs, we'll find the storyline to ensure your people feel re-energised, inspired and resilient to move forward.

Check out my current events here.

Coaching is not about being better than the team or individual in a particular skill but about being able to bring out the best in their performance through a variety of techniques that inspire learning and practice to achieve quality results and eventual mastery. Unlike the mentor service, being the coach for your team or an individual is for a set period focussed on defined areas of proficiency to be improved, enhanced or gained.


Progress is monitored, involves regular feedback from both 'player and coach' and measured in terms of the 'defined success' agreed between us. If you're not meeting expectations, need to acquire a new skill or master a current one, improve your performance or attempt something out of your comfort zone then let's connect. 


When someone asks if you'll be their mentor, it is a deeply considered acceptance. The time commitment, the relationship focus and if my own knowledge and experience is suited to what my mentee is hoping to develop within themselves. 

It's been a pleasure to have developed others beyond what they thought was possible. I am available on a longer term basis to help organisations as part of their own mentor program or direct with individuals to develop and transcend professionally.

You'll find my approachable and upfront style easy to be with yet I will challenge you, help you find the potholes and/or grand canyons in your journey and encourage you to take an active part in this relationship. Your life, your responsibility.


Let the journey begin by connecting with me and discovering if this is the right Mentor relationship for you.

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